What We Do

MGC Digital Designs is a Multimedia Design Studio which makes a statement in the multimedia industry by creating unique services for small to large companies wanting to create a strong online presence. MGC Digital Designs accomplishes this by offering hands on and unique services to both existing and potential clients. Our goal is to move in the direction of understanding market specific fundamentals, in essence, to become the client for a time.

We offer services that span every aspect of multimedia design from corporate branding, print and interactive projects such as websites, interactive kiosk, online marketing and digital audio and video editing. We are a full-service multimedia design studio and our goal is to provide design and implementation of these services to anyone from individuals to large corporate companies. The Internet has become our main source of information over the last several years and many companies still do not have an online presence or just need help marketing themselves. We strive to create an online identity for everyone and to provide the expertise necessary to plan, design and execute projects efficiently and cost effectively.

Why We Do It

The branding service market is broken into several categories with an overwhelming amount of design studios offering similar services although most specialize in just one type of design. There are numerous web designers, typographers, and graphic artists. However, there are few companies that will provide the full range of services associated with branding and marketing.
Our strategy is simple: we intend to provide our customers with a wide range of services custom-tailored to their individual needs. Therefore, whether they require a complete package, or simply consulting on a particular service, we can help.

By aggregating a complete range of branding and marketing services all under one roof, MGC Digital Designs will offer its customers the ease of “one-stop shopping”. Our strategy is to use a highly designed process that specifies how marketing and branding will be blended to complete client projects on time, within budget, and to their full satisfaction. The company will leverage its owners’ expertise in branding and design to competitively position itself as a premier provider of design services.

Our Promise To You

  • To provide fast and reliable assistance to all clients regardless of company size.
  • To provide you with work you expect from a larger design firm without the cost of a larger firm
  • To give personalized and hands-on time and training regardless of company size
  • To give you alternate and cost effective ways to market your company
  • To stay on top of the latest technologies and keep employees and clients educated in the latest technologies